“Entertaining!” – Frank Henenlotter

Based on Frank Henenlotter’s 1982 cult-classic, ‘Basket Case: The Musical‘ follows Duane Bradley- a young man who arrives in New York City with nothing but a wad of cash and a basket. In a series of dark and twisted events, you quickly learn of his mysterious past, and more importantly WHAT’S IN THE BASKET!

Basket Case is an hour of raunchy, hilarious, profanity-laden shock and gore. It’s got everything a horror movie should – camp, blood, rock and roll, sex. And power ballads.”

“If you enjoy campy weirdness, some heart-stopping moments,
and a sexy, creepy thrill-ride, then congratulations. You’re officially a Basket Case.”
Adrienne Proctor, broadwayworld.com

‘Basket Case: The Musical’ was written and directed by Jared Blount and Kara Luther-Chapman in the spring of 2020, and was submitted to the Theatre Crude Fringe Festival and Asheville Fringe Festival.