‘Strange Animals’ is a dark, comedic fairytale that follows an assortment of zany, irreverent, and colorful killers as they challenge fate and conquer their bloody, carnal destinies. The “animals” in this story are enough to keep you entertained, but the mystery will keep you turning the page.

The Story…

…takes place the day another murder victim is found in the small, desolate town of Copper, AZ- the suspected work of a local legend: ‘The Coyote’. Bertrum, the town doctor (and successful serial killer), has decided to celebrate his 40th birthday with his favorite meal: a large, supreme pizza. Meanwhile, Shawn (another killer) deals with tracking down an escaped victim; who just so happens to seek refuge in Bertrum’s home. The result is a day of confusion, bewilderment, and bloodshed as Shawn and Bertrum learn of each other’s deepest secrets and fantasies. Destinies intertwine, dreams are made, chickens are worshipped, and a lot of people die – but that’s just life! And did we mention there’s another killer?

‘Strange Animals’ was written and colored by Jared Blount and inked by Tyler Kelting.

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‘Strange Animals’ was done in partnership with Tejeti Comics.